Septic tank inspections


Septic Tank Inspections

Local Authority mandatory site inspections of your septic tank.

What happens & what will you need ?

Mandatory septic tank inspections

The inspections are random and may happen at any time however if a pollution incident has occurred on or near your property or a watercourse nearby an inspection will be likely so the cause of the pollution incident can be ascertained. If selected you will receive a letter giving 10 days days notice of inspection.
On the day / date of site inspection at your home have registration documents and any paperwork for your septic system available on the day. The Inspector will check for excess sludge, separation of roof/storm water, percolation area ponding, pollution, odors, noise. You will receive an advisory notice if not compliant within 21 days.

The videos below give further details on the process.

How the inspection process will work – EPA Ireland


EPA Ireland – Maintaining domestic waste water treatment systems

Septic systems Ireland – Septic tank Inspections & Assistance

Step 1. Site Survey and Visual septic tank inspections

A site survey and visual assessment involves our experienced staff member visiting your property and identifying any obvious malfunctions, flaws or difficulties that may be affecting the performance of your existing septic tank treatment system.

Once the survey and septic tank inspection has been completed septic systems Ireland can provide you with the best and most cost effective solution to your needs.



Step 2. Site Suitability – Septic tank site plan & septic System Design

If the septic tank inspections establish that your current system requires upgrading our septic tank inspection personnel can come to your home where He/She will excavate a number of holes in the ground and carry out percolation tests to establish how good or bad your soil is to percolate (soak) water – Percolation testing.

A “Septic tank Site plan – Report” is then generated which will recommend a suitably sized waste water treatment system in accordance with the current EPA septic tank guidelines for which the client can now get costings.

Our site inspections are beneficial as the homeowner is in an informed position to choose the best option to suit your needs and budget. A replacement septic tank is not always required so be careful to get professional advice! Many homeowners are sold replacement septic tanks with unscrupulous septic tank company’s on the ‘hard sell’ with their special or new technology Bio tanks and bio septic tanks and of course homeowners want to ensure their home will meet the septic tank assessment by the local authority & want to be compliant with the septic tank regulations in Ireland, not to mention the environmental factors as we all want to be ‘Green & Clean’.  It is not always the case that a septic tank requires replacement as the septic system is made of up of a number of components that work together, your percolation area (soak away or drain field) may only need upgrading or some other part is malfunctioning.


Step 3. Septic tank costs / replacement septic tanks / septic tank grants -Your decision & your budget 

Should you now decide to proceed with the recommended upgrade Septic systems Ireland can provide a detailed quote for part of, or all of the your installation and certification requirements.

Septic systems Ireland can provide the complete package from the design, supply, installation, commissioning and final certification of your new upgraded system or part of this service depending on your budget.

We guarantee all costs & charges are clearly displayed on our quote & are happy to advise and work with your nominated professional engineer / house designer or with you the homeowner if repair or replacement of a component of your septic system is required.

Septic systems Ireland – septic tank registration | septic tank grants Ireland | septic tanks Ireland regulations | replacement septic tanks | septic tank assessment | septic tank inspections  – We are here to help you with all of the above and much much more !

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Septic tank site plan


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Registering your home septic tank system & inspections of septic systems can unfortunately have some hidden surprise’s for septic tank owners even at relatively newly constructed houses. New more strict guidelines have come into effect concerning Septic tanks and the EPA septic tank regulations, Contact Septic Systems Ireland for free advice and cost effective measures to ensure your septic tank system is compliant.

Phone our Septic tank assessment team on : 087 – 7817953  – or – 087 – 2973129  You can also use the call back form a the foot of this page or email your queries to: