Septic tank two chambers/one chamber

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Septic tank two chambers/one chamber

These septic tanks operate through a pure mechanical cleaning processes
Floating and removable material waste is extracted from domestic wastewater systems in mechanical septic tanks. This is pure mechanical cleaning, on average you require 500 liter of capacity per occupant / inhabitant. If you assume an approximate volume of 150 liter of wastewater passes through the system in a 3 day period. These septic tanks must have a total volume of at least 2,000 liter.

A 2,000 liter septic tank system is sufficient for 4 occupants, another 500 liter should be added to the tank capacity for each additional inhabitant.

One2clean Septic tank features:

Low power consumption septic tank

low power consumption Graf septic tank

  • Excellent cleaning performance - Even during load fluctuations and underload
  • Double sludge storage volume in two chamber septic tank models
  • Low sludge removal keeping your septic tank emptying costs down year on year
  • Tank can be installed in difficult conditions without a crane
  • Low purchase price & best in market installation costs.
  • Very low maintenance or cleaning which if required can be performed through inspection shafts.
  • When thoroughly and correctly cleaned tanks can be repurposed for rain water harvesting.

    septic tank 12 hour cycle time


Septic tank system sizing

As much technology as necessary, as little technology as possible. Todays septic tanks are high-tech products equipped with sophisticated controls and various pumps, sensors and valves. Yet this is often to the detriment of the product's reliability. A reliable wastewater disposal system no longer needs to be complicated. A Graf one2clean system is proven wastewater treatment technology, with considerable advantages in terms of operating costs and safety.

One and two chamber tank system sizing


property Inh. |  Volume |  Length of        |  Width   of     | Height of  |  Weight 
/users          septic tank   |  septic tank   | septic tank    | septic tank of tank  
5                     2700 [L]          2080 [mm]           1565[mm]      2010 [mm]    145[kg] 
7                     3750 [L]          2280 [mm]           1755[mm]      2200 [mm]    175[kg] 
9                     4800 [L]          2280 [mm]           1985[mm]      2430 [mm]    220[kg]
13                   6500 [L]          2390 [mm]           2190[mm]      2710 [mm]    260[kg]



Septic tank dimensions














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