Polishing Filters-percolation areas

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Polishing Filters (Percolation Areas)

Where to use a sand polishing filter and sand polishing vs’ soil polishing filters.

Septic tank Sand polishing filters Have been more popular & mainly used with Commercial septic tank systems such as schools and nursing homes.  With the new guidelines and local authority inspections sand polishing filter systems and raised sand polishing filters are suitable for domestic septic tank systems as they suit smaller sites. low levels of soil or surrounding features that mean a traditional percolation area would contravene the EPA guidelines (such as a boundary or watercourse etc.) or planning & building regulation guidance at the site.
The small foot print of the sand polishing filter or raised sand polishing filter system comes into its element making it cost effective and attractive when the overall cost of the septic tank system is compared to other wastewater processing systems.

Subsurface Polishing Filter
Sites that have a good low water table and bedrock levels as well as percolation characteristics,
Installed just below the surface of the soil and use washed stone to filter out any solids


Septic tank Sand polishing ‘vs’ septic tank soil polishing filters

Size of area required & amount of material required:
Raised Soil polishing percolation areas usually require a large mound at the filter point in the garden with 3 times the material required when using our certified sand (tested and approved sand for polishing filters – EPA Code of practice criteria for polishing filter media i.e. sand).
This makes sand polishing an ideal choice for a raised percolation area design purely from the cost of septic tank system and size of filter area.  Why not have an assessment by our septic tank design team and we can advise on raised percolation area design and demonstrate our sand polishing filter cost effectiveness, we are sure you’ll be impressed with the overall septic tank system price compared to other Bio septic tanks and systems. We also supply certified sand for polishing filters to other septic tank companies, contact our sales team on 087 – 7817953 for prices.

Raised Polishing Filter – Raised percolation area design
These work like subsurface polishing filters but raised sand polishing filters are installed on sites where there is a high water table or bedrock.  Raised sand polishing filters design is perfect for gardens or land were space is at a premium.


The sand grain size utilized in a sand polishing filter dictates the operation of the sand filter – i.e. quantity of wastewater that can be filtered and the rate of filtration of the sand polishing filter.
Key to the successful operation of a septic tanks system and its sand polishing component are a group of factors but sand media and sand grain size will establish the penetration depth of particulate matter and the quality of filter effluent.

Subsurface Sand Polishing Filter
On sites that are suitable, subsurface sand polishing filters provide an alternative to soil and have the added benefit of incorporating a chamber of sand below the washed stone filter for additional percolation. EPA regulations encourage the use of of sand polishing filters helping owners of domestic septic tank systems to have an EPA sand polishing filter approved and providing cleaner runoff after the sand polishing media has worked.

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The approved sand polishing filter media guarantees that even saturated areas have consistent texture to promote oxidation. The correct approved sand is key to the operation of a septic system with a sand polishing filter.

Septic Systems Ireland Supply our sand to a large number of septic tank installation & polishing filter installation companies across Ireland. Don’t be surprised if our quote for your septic system and sand polishing filter is lower, We include the sand media at cost on the septic system quote!

Why is our Sand certified for sand polishing filters ?

Course and fine silica sands are used by our team of installers -Our certified sand takes more Phosphorus (Pollutant) out of the waste water than any other material

Our sand polishing filter sand has been tested as per table 10.2 EPA Code of practice 2009 and has been certified by a specialist testing laboratory in Carlow to ensure  for use in our sand polishing filters. We supply our sand to many other septic tank installers and sand polishing filter installation companies around Ireland, Call Septic systems Ireland today and save on your septic tank installation cost – Nationwide across Ireland.

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Call Septic Systems Ireland on 087 7817953 for advice and prices on septic tank installation and Polishing filter costs and criteria. Our Technical team are happy to help.

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Septic system installers in Carlow, Clare, Galway, Westmeath, Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford – our septic tank installers are based in the Southeast, Midlands and West of Ireland. We provide  septic tank percolation area design of sand polishing filter & soil polishing filter including raised percolation areas  and septic septic tank installations nationwide across Ireland.