Graf Septic tanks

Graf septic tanks – built for reliability and price. Guaranteed – Biological septic tanks and mechanical septic tanks

Mechanical or partially biological wastewater cleaning: septic tanks – view the Graf septic tank range below with specifications and sizing

  • Septic tank two chambers/one chamber
  • Septic tank three chambers
  • Anaerobix Saphir septic tanks
  • Anaerobix Erdtank 1,000 l septic tanks
  • Anaerobix Flat tank 1,500 l septic tanks
  • Anaerobix Herkules tank 1,600 l septic tanks
  • Anaerobix Cristall septic tanks
  • Anaerobix Carat RS septic tanks
  • Anaerobix XL
  • Anaerobix XXL

Turn key septic tank new systems and replacement septic tank systems

At Alpha septic systems Ireland we provide a nationwide service from no obligation quote with site assessment through our EPA guidance and compliance – grant applicable systems available to suit your property or commercial enterprise. Sales and service on all septic tank and waste water systems with decades of hands on knowledge in the septic tank and wastewater management our company provides. Contact us for a quote by clicking here
Alternatively call Sean on 087-7817953 to discuss the requirements of your new system or the most cost effective way to ensure your current septic tank or wastewater system at a property your buying is brought to compliance. Currently one in three septic tank systems are non- compliant & if you doubt these figures feel free to contact one of the structural engineers and surveying companies (Michael Fleming – Conspect engineering 085 1276288 ) that contact us regularly to advise and refer Alpha septic systems to give customers the costs involved in correcting the myriad of issues they find on properties across Ireland.