Anaerobix Saphir septic tank

Anaerobix Saphir Septic tank with biological filter system

Anaerobix is the Simple and new low-cost anaerobic filter (biological septic tank) system for wastewater from Graf septic tanks
The filler carrier material supplied increases the cleaning performance of the Anaerobix Saphir wastewater septic tank several times over. The large surface of the recyclable plastic carrier material (141 m2 /m3 ) is the biofilm which enables the cleaning process to cover a large area by design.

The Anaerobix septic tank range are ideal for small domestic inhabitants and low capacity off mains sites such as a small GAA club house or amenity that the sizing chart below would suit. For correct septic tank system sizing contact Alpha septic systems Ireland clicking here to provide outline details of your sites requirements or call Sean on: 087-7817953

Anaerobix septic tank systems are available in 3 sizes with inhabitant / occupant details alongside the tank sizing  on the chart to the left.

Anaerobix Graf septic tank warranties 

warranties & guarantees from Graf septic tanks ,



  • No power consumption, no electrical or mechanical components (e.g. pumps or float switch) in tank i.e. - 0 % power consumption biological filtered septic tank
  • Excellent cleaning performance - Even during load fluctuations and underload
  • Largely maintenance-free biological filtered septic tank
  • Easy Installation in proven Graf tanks with standard DN 100 pipes
  • Low sludge removal keeping your septic tank emptying costs & Maintenance interval 1–2 per year
  • Tank can be installed in difficult conditions without a crane
  • Low purchase price & best in market installation costs.
  • Warranty for underground septic tank 10 years
  • When thoroughly and correctly cleaned tanks can be repurposed for rain water harvesting.


SAPHIR_600_anaerobix small septic bio tank system

Anaerobix Saphir Septic tank system sizing

Anaerobix is the Simple and new low-cost anaerobic filter (biological septic tank) system for wastewater from Graf septic tanks. This is a proven wastewater anaerobic filter (biological septic tank) treatment technology, with the advantage of NO power consumption and complete safety.

Anaerobic filter system for wastewater in Graf tanks



Anaerobix is the new low-cost anaerobic filter system for wastewater in Graf tanks




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